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Successful tests on Callisto's revolutionary VLBI receiver

The University of Tasmania (UTAS - part of AuScope) has just Read more

Callisto at TTC & ISD 2016

Callisto will be attending the TTC 2016 and the ISD 2016.

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Our main clients

Solutions for Space Engineering

Consultancy Services:

Studies, Project Support, Ground Station Engineering, Cryogenic Engineering and Integration, Cryogenic test Services, Training

Products Development:

Hardware and software product development for ground station including Ultra-Low Noise Cryo RF products, Ambient RF products, LNAs and measurement system for noise temperature.

Research and Development:

Technological research, studies, testing of materials and components for space communications applications

  • 20+ Years of Experience in Space Industry
  • More than 50 cryogenic systems delivered all over the world
  • Patented designs
  • Flexible, independent, reactive
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