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Callisto Announces Improved Performance for 26GHz Cryo Compact LNAs

Callisto is pleased to announce improved noise temperature (NT) specifications for the 26 GHz Compact Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier. Due to the introduction of latest state-of-the art Indium Phosphide HEMT technology we are able to offer Noise Temperature < 35K (0.5dB). Previous specification 50K.










What are the Benefits for Our Customers?

  • Systems Engineers >> LEO mission, Polar Ground Station

    >> Improved Link Margin!

G/T dB/K 37.0  6m Antenna inside Radome, 5°EL+Ambient LNA (1.8dB NF)
G/T dB/K 39.0  6m Antenna inside Radome, 5°EL+Compact Ultra-LNA (0.5dB NF)
Improvement (dB)  2.0

Link Margin Advantage!



  • Programme Managers >> GEO mission, Mid-Lat Ground Station

    >> Reduce CAPEX with Smaller Antennas!

  Weather Degraded Links for 30°EL  
CD 0.25 CD 0.90 CD 0.99 CD 0.999
37.54 36.91 36.43 36.00 6m Antenna + Ambient LNA (1.8dB NF)
39.23 37.91 37.02 36.29 4.5m Antenna + Compact Ultra-LNA (0.5dB)
  Wind 75 km/hr  

All other features and specifications of our Compact Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier remain the same including zero maintenance, service life > 10years

Moreover, see the video on our Compact Cryo LNA by clicking here.