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Callisto at 2019 IAA Low-Cost Planetary Mission Conference in Toulouse

Lunar IceCube Mission - Morehead State University

Callisto will attend the 2019 IAA Low-Cost Planetary Mission Conference held on June 03-05 in Toulouse, France. His founder, Steve Rawson, will present a solution in regards with a Lunar IceCube Mission developped by Morehead State University (Kentucky, USA) for NASA. As a matter of fact, Data comms from the NASA IceCube instruments to Earth will only be  possible with very sensitive Ground Station. Callisto’s Compact low noise cryo LNA has improved the G/T by 3 dB/K. This, combined with the Morehead University 21m antenna, will allow the data to be received successfully.  Come at the Conference on Monday between 5:30 pm & 7:30 pm and you will know more about it!